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Last updated: May 30th, 2017

Lovely Lita came to our teach my ass video office with some cash and she needed to get her butt stretched wide open! So we took one of our best sextoy and worked it deep inside her hole, stretching it wide open. In the end, Lita took that cock up her asshole till she was left with a gaping hole. Well either way, Lita here was very happy to get to learn how to take a nice and hard and big cock up the ass and our stud made sure to teach her every trick in the book by using his nice and hard dick on her sweet little butt today. So let’s see her in action without delay today everyone!

As we said, many babes here needed a bit of loosening up and this guy was prepared with a nice and big dildo that this cutie got to take up the ass. Sit back and watch the beautiful and cute babe bend over, and then see her taking the said sex toy in her butt to get her stretched out a bit for the guy’s nice and hard cock afterwards. When she was nice and loose the guy just shoved his cock inside her butt, and this babe let out a cute moan in pleasure as he did so. Enjoy sitting back and watching her take a nice and hard anal fucking for your enjoyment, and see you guys soon with many more superb scenes!


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Teens loosing anal virginity on video. That’s what you get here. Check out our teach my ass videos trailer and watch real anal virgins receiving their very first brutal ass fuck on camera. Well what can we say, it’s a true treat to see some very cute and sexy teen babes as they get to have their nice and tight asses trained properly in the art of anal sex by this master, and rest assured that he knows the ins and outs of it. Today we bring you a nice and long little compilation video, and in it you can see some very superb and sexy babes as they get to have some nice and hard anal sex while they learn.

The video starts off, and right from the start you get to see some of the babes that we have had here starting on their first lessons. Sit back and truly enjoy the view as you get to see cute hottie after cute hottie getting their nice and sexy butts worked hard with a big cock. Of course some of them had to be loosened up a little bit with a dildo as well, but also many of them wanted to get those sexy and sweet pussies fucked too. Anyway enjoy this lucky stud fucking lots of sexy and hot babes anally and enjoy the view. We will come back next week with some more stuff for you to see!

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Teach my ass Keri

This cutie has one of the tightest butts we’ve ever seen. Teach my ass Keri came to our office and we had to work it out for a few minutes with the lubricant as she winced! However she kept begging us to go deeper and harder therefore we knew she was alright! After Keri was prepared, she took an extra large dildo up her tight ass! In the end of this teachmyass video she got pounded with a fat cock and she felt like in heaven the whole scene as she was getting dicked anally today. So let’s just sit back and watch as sexy and sweet Keri here gets her nice and hard ass fucking for the afternoon.

Honestly, how could you deny this cute babe anything when she very politely asks for it, and even more so when that happens to be some nice and hard anal sex. This guy didn’t have to think twice about her proposal, and he was very happy to help her out as he’d get to slide in her nice and small round ass that nice and big cock. This petite babe sure is a little slut and you cannot miss seeing her moaning in pleasure like a true little anal slut as the guy goes fast and hard and balls deep inside her tight ass. Enjoy this superb anal scene and see you guys next week with some more scenes as always!

keri-gets-her-ass-stretched-to-the-limits keri-gets-her-ass-hammered-hardcore

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Mandi gets analyzed

Mandi is a energetic blond who’s ready to get her butt violated and willing to do it on teach my ass pics. After lubing her she gets a fat vibe stuck inside her ass as bending over doggy. Next she gets shagged up the ass with a cock as big as the vibe -we’re sure that all big butts like it big! In the end of his teachmyass.com update she gets the a load of sperm shot all over her face and tits. So let’s get this show started and see this very lovely and sexy babe named Mandi as she gets her sweet pussy penetrated and ass fucked hard style without delay shall we? We know you are eager to see her too!


The cameras start to roll, and straight off you get to see the sexy and hot blonde babe Mandy as she’s already naked and she was eagerly waiting her first ever anal fuck. She did say that she kind of prepared herself a long time ago, since she regularly takes her dildos nice and deep in her ass, so it’s nice and fit for every cock to fuck her. Rest assured that the stud wanted to see for himself and planted that nice and big meat pole deep inside her sweet and tight butt hole. Enjoy seeing the babe moaning in pleasure as she gets fucked and have fun with it today. We will be returning next week with more as always!

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TeachMyAss Becca

Teen Becca is a real slut that came at the teachmyass studios wanted to take a cock in her asshole. So we worked her tight hole with all of our best sextoys, stretching her wide as much as possible. We got four finger inside her celebrity f ass and finally stuck a cock inside her tight cherry hole. Well let’s just get around to seeing this wonderful and sexy blonde as she takes a hard butt fucking today from this lucky stud, and let’s see her demonstrate proper technique when taking it in the ass today. We can promise that you will not be disappointed one bit by this sexy and hot scene of hers today everyone!

The scene starts off with miss Becca as she makes her entry wearing her super cute and sexy blue lingerie set and she seemed very eager to be taking it off as well. Enjoy her revealing her nice and perky tits for you this fine day, and see her playing with them and massaging them. Then of course, she makes her way down and slides her hand in her panties and her fingers in her pussy. So you get to see her fingering herself nice and hard as well today. Well the best comes last, and then you get to see the very sexy and hot blonde babe as she takes a nice and hard anal fuck from this horny stud today!

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Teach my ass Audrey

One of our best students was teach my ass Audrey. When she came to our office to get her anal hole popped, she’d one of the tightest assholes we’ve ever stuck a finger in! Therefore our stud took it slow before inserting his rock hard tool. She moaned the deeper he went but we think she finished up really liking this teachmyass.com anal hammering! Click here and watch her video. And rest assured that this is one video that you can not pass up the opportunity to see. The hot and sexy babe was ready to be taught the pleasures of anal and you get to see it all only here at our site. So let’s get her show on the road!

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Audrey here is a very sweet and cute babe and she admitted that she never took an ass fucking. Naturally we are here to cater to her need as she was curious to try it out. We gave her this guy that knows all about teaching the ladies to enjoy anal, and today he would be busy with getting her used to taking something nice and big in the ass. Sit back and watch as the cutie gets undressed and the guys starts off by massaging her nice and cute butt first of all. Then he whips out a nice and big dildo and starts to insert it in her ass, eventually giving her nice and tight ass a good stretching with it!

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kinky Sasha

Oh dear, kinky Sasha approached us for some teach my ass lesson – she told us she was an anal virgin and wanted us to give her a proper stretching. Therefore our stud got out the lube and worked on her tight spot. In the end he was able to shove his tool inside her hole and she enjoyed getting her 1st anal! Enjoy this babe as she gets a sticky creampie in the end. We’re sure you will want to see more of this horny and hot brunette in the future so rest assured that the cutie will be making a comeback soon. She expressed her interest to shoot some more scenes for you guys as well as she had lots of fun.

This babe is no stranger to taking cock inside her but it was her first time on camera. And like we said, she really enjoyed her time fucking this horny stud. Take your time to see her undressing herself and the dude, and see her whipping out that nice and big cock as she was ready to work it nice and hard. So just take your time and enjoy this luscious and cute brunette as she takes herself a nice and hard ass fucking for the whole afternoon. We’ll be seeing you again next week as usual with many more amazing and hot scenes. See you then and make sure that you stay tuned and not miss them everyone!



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TeachMyAss Raquel

This sweet teen TeachMyAss Raquel was a first-time anal virgin therefore she came into our office to get a cock up her ass! So our stud worked her tight little butt, at first, with a large pink dildo from his tool box! Next, on these free teach my ass videos, he stretched her to the limits with his fist while masturbating her wet cunt till she was all set for his cock to pound her nice and hard for this whole afternoon today. But that’s not all as this cutie was also in the mood to get some anal done as well. And the guy was more than happy to deliver on that too in this sexy and hot scene that we have for you!


We cannot stress enough how cute and lovely this little babe looks, and as you can see she has a body to make any guy or other lady go wild for her any day. Take your time and watch closely as this lovely hottie gets to undress and takes off her bra to reveal her perky tits, following it up by taking off her sexy cute panties as well to show off her lovely and pink pussy. Sit back and watch the guy coming into the scene ready to please this babe as well. He works that nice and wet cunt of hers hard style first of all, and then he moves on to her nice and tight butt, fucking her balls deep in the ass while she was moaning in pleasure!raquel-gaping-ass

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Teach my ass Connie

Teach my ass Connie came into our office with one thing in mid – get her virgin anal hole fucked. Therefore our stud began by lubing a fat dildo and stuffing it deep inside her asshole without delay. Anyway, today you get to enjoy the sexy and hot little babe named Connie. She has one cock hungry and tight ass that never got to experience the pleasure of anal sex, but like we said, the stud here was more than happy to teach her all about it without delay. So let’s just take the time and see this lovely and cute babe as she gets her very first anal fucking experience with this lovely stud.

The scene starts with our lovely babe all dressed up in her outfit as one might think, but rather soon she was all out of it, and showing off her simply superb and sexy body curves for the camera. You get to see her as she gets to pose sensually and sexy for you, and then the sexy babe assumes her position to take her nice and hard ass fucking for today. Like we said, you get to see the stud using a nice and big dildo on her tight butt to stretch her out nicely and get her asshole nice and loose for some nice and deep fucking. Enjoy seeing her moaning in pleasure with the anal toy up her ass and have fun with it everyone!

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Teach my ass Autumn

The next teen slut, Teach my ass Autumn, gets her hole drilled by a few varieties of dildos! We allow her to pick the size of the sextoy that we’ll shove in her buttthole, and to our big surprise she picked the greatest one! Check out this teachmyass.com video and enjoy as her ass took the monster dick inch by inch till. We banged her hard till our man could not wait any longer and had to shoot a big load of cum in her mouth. So let’s watch this sexy little cutie as she gets her nice and round butt taught how to take a nice and big cock deep inside it without delay today shall we everyone?


Her name is Autumn and she has long brown hair and a very sexy body paired with a cute face. Let’s just take the time to see how this little cutie gets her training for anal in this superb and amazing fuck scene. The scene starts with her getting naked, and the guy begins prepping her by inserting his hand in her nice and tight butt. Sit back and watch as he stretches her out nicely, and then watch him whipping his cock out too when her butt was ready. You get to see the superb and cute babe as she gets fucked anally nice and deep today and she moans in pleasure all the while. Have fun with it and see you soon!



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